This non native weed is a major problem in Kale Chapala. Government efforts to eradicate the weed have failed. This concept being used in Africa could be the solution.

Curse To Cure: How An African Man Showed The World How He Transformed WEED Into Fuel

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It is uncommon and relatively unthinkable for individuals to transform something that is negative into a positive thing. In any case, a Kenyan educator has done quite recently that to support the individual from his locale. A Kenyan educator recognized as Richard Awra has turned a weed known as water hyacinths to something that enhances the way of life of a network. The educator utilized water hyacinths to battle the two issues of vitality neediness and plant over-development.

In a meeting with BBC, the instructor uncovered that he understood that the significant issue in the network is vitality destitution. He uncovered that the general population in the network depend on charcoal and lamp oil and he chose to make arrangement utilizing water hyacinth which he portrayed as a danger in Lake Victoria. Kenyan man transforms revile into fix as he concocts biofuel from weeds.

As indicated by educator Awra, the water hyacinths squares angling and makes it outlandish for any action to happen on Lake Victoria. By fighting issues of vitality destitution and plant over-development, Awra could make vitality reasonable for his locale because of the way that water hyacinth isn’t an item of appeal. The Kenya Marine foundation evaluated that water hyacinths secured around 10,360 hectares of Lake Victoria. Richard noticed that he would like to keep on providing this shabby option so families can cook at moderate rates.